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Carmen - Guisborough - Saturday 21 October 2017

Audience comments from the season finale at St. Nicholas Church, Guisborough

Councillor Andy Murray

Everyone is talking about Carmen. It entertained and educated. It made people think. There were nearly 200 people in the audience. Ticket money amounted to £1862. Guisborough Town Council have donated £600 to The Bridge, a Guisborough Charity which supports senior citizens, providing for example, Christmas dinner. A donation of this size provides a very valuable injection of funds at this time of yea. The fact that the donation comes from an opera company gives it a special dimension.

All 10 Able and Talented Music students from Laurence Jackson School were seeing opera for the first time and they really loved it.

Richard was the Maestro - absolutely in charge, keeping everyone on track.

Dr Amanda Smith

Anyone who knows anything about music would not think it was an amateur company.

Matthew Allan, Head of Music at Laurence Jackson School

That young lady (Alison) has played all night with not one bum note.

Julia Heal (in the audience)

It was slick and vibrant.

The faces of the chorus were always expressive, involved in and reacting to what was happening.

Guisborough resident

It was absolutely fantastic. We need nights like that in Guisborough.

Audience member

A delight to watch.

Audience member

An outstanding opera.

Audience member


Audience member

Intelligent performances

Audience member

One of the best nights we've ever had in terms of performance.

Church member

I loved the way the company used the space - standing on steps and peering round pillars.

Many members of the audience



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